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By Hope House Milwaukee on 6/6/2014 2:42 PM

Participants in our Shining Stars Youth and Pathways to Progress programs are moving forward!

As spring gives way to summer, we begin to see caps, gowns and graduation celebrations - Hope House has been no exception! Here we are celebrating the hard work, perseverance and dedication of our Pathways to Progress GED students and two of the students in our Shining Stars Youth program. 
By Hope House Milwaukee on 5/13/2014 9:00 AM

...which means our youth are getting excited for summer programs here at Hope House!


Garden Club members are currently planning for their Spring Planting Party coming up on May 22 from 7-9pm. At the Planting Party, they will be joined by residents from the Single Floor and volunteers from the Sole Sisters Club. The youth are hoping to have enough donations of plant starts to start the gardens off right! Plants they would like to have include: herbs like rosemary, thyme,  basil, mint, and cilantro; vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, and chilis and flowers like roses, lilies, zinnias and impatiens. If you wish to donate plant starts, please donate during the week prior to May 22nd. If donations of live plants are hard to fit into your schedule,  gift certificates to local nurseries, or garden stores will also be helpful in getting Garden Club members into the gardens this year.
By Hope House Milwaukee on 4/17/2014 3:21 PM

On March 13th, 2014 
you gave us $17,936 ways 
to end homelessness!

This year, the 24-hour online giving event known as Match Day was a huge success for our organization. Through your generous donations, we were able to raise $17,936 - nearly $2000 more than in 2013!

This will mean funding for programs such as:

By Hope House Milwaukee on 3/10/2014 12:27 PM

On March 13th matched donations means more ways to end homelessness!

Donate to Hope House on March 13th - Match Day 2014
We know you believe in what we do. 

Together we can transform that belief into impact and make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Match Day 2013 creates strength through numbers. By giving on March 13th, you will increase your impact as all donations are matched proportionally - the more we receive in donations, the greater the match. 

By working together, you can help us to fulfill our mission to end homelessness and create healthy communities. 

Visit our RAZOO page today and schedule a donation!

By Hope House Milwaukee on 11/4/2013 3:22 PM

Share Your Holiday Spirit!

The holidays are a time to come together and share.
This year, share your generosity with who are those less fortunate.

Each fall and winter, we often reflect on all we are grateful for as we begin thinking of holiday parties, feasts, gifts and time spent with family. For many in our community however, travelling to visit family, holiday gifts, parties and feasts are out of reach, while families and individuals strive to meet more the immediate needs of food, clothing and shelter. The holidays are a time to celebrate, but also for magnanimity. Expand your hearts this year and share your bounty with those who have less. 

You can help the individuals and families we serve in several ways...

By Hope House Milwaukee on 5/17/2013 11:52 AM
Among the many services Hope House provides for both clients and community members is a tuition-free GED program run in partnership with the Milwaukee Area Technical College.Fred De La Rosa The program has been in existence for many years and located at Hope House since 1996. The General Educational Diploma is a series of tests that certify proficiency in five areas of learning: Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Language Arts - Reading and Language Arts – Writing. MATC provides support for the program by supplying computers, software and books, while Hope House furnishes the classroom space and instruction and in emergency cases, will assist with covering the costs of testing. For individuals who did not earn a High School Diploma, the GED is the most accepted form of equivalency and a critical piece of the puzzle for securing stable employment and working one’s way out of poverty. With any instruction, a passionate educator can make all the difference in connecting with students, compelling them to do their best work and striving for success beyond the classroom; Hope House’s program is fortunate to have such an instructor in Fred De La Rosa.

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