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Planting Party: A Story in Photos

Jun 20

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Our Shining Stars, volunteers, and program staff have been preparing their garden for the summer. Youth will have the opportunity to work and play in the garden every week during the summer program--and will enjoy their work at harvest time! Youth have already been able to eat fresh strawberries and cilantro that they have carefully grown. Our Lead Youth Worker, Miss Beth, tells me that they have plans to make salsa once the tomatoes and peppers are ready! 

To celebrate the garden and make any final preparations, the Shining Stars held their annual Planting Party for friends, family and volunteers. We had a fantastic time and learned a LOT from an amazing volunteer from the DNR--Tom. We tilled the dirt left dry from lack of rain, we planted so many different seeds, we learned what bugs live in our garden, and Tom helped us save some very weak tomato plants. 

First, we had to clear out any last weeds and till the dry soil. We're still holding out for a good rainy day!


We started to plant with cucumbers and eggplants (generously donated by The Garden Room); Tom from the DNR gave us some fantastic tips on how to plant them. 


Miss Katie really wanted to plant corn, but it didn't work out. Maybe next time!

Davyn & Miss Star planted onions over here. Davyn was a little wary about getting dirty, but she couldn't hold back her smile by the end of the day!


Damonte & Malik used teamwork to cover up the seeds. 

These guys were very surprised to find worms in the garden! Gross! We explained that worms are actually not gross, and they do really cool stuff, like make more dirt. 

Malik told Miss Star that he found, like, the biggest worm ever!

With volunteer Tom's guidance, we replanted these weak tomato plants, burying them pretty deep in the soil to help them regain strength. 

Today, the tomatoes are looking worlds better. 

Thanks to all of the volunteers, youth, and staff who made the Planting Party possible. We are especially grateful to our supporters who allow us to provide enriching youth programming to over 100 youth every year. If you want to support our garden or make a donation to our youth program, you can make a secure donation through PayPal, or call Amanda at (414) 389 3845 for more options!

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