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One year later, Safe Landing is a success!

Jan 13

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In January 2015, Hope House established the Safe Landing Rapid Rehousing program in response to recent research suggesting a homeless family  will have a higher chances of succeeding when connected with individual housing opportunities.  The main goal of the program is to provide  a stable foundation upon which a family can begin to rebuild a life derailed by an episode of homelessness. 

The program, which was founded with the help of funding from federal and local government sources, draws participants from our own Fresh Start program as well as other emergency homeless shelters around the city. It has been an exciting first year implementing the program, and Hope House is thrilled with the results. 

In its first year, a total of 68 families—including 132 children and 70 adults—were served by Safe Landing. Fifty-three families were permanently housed. The average length of time between a client’s initial intake and the date when he or she moved into housing was 26 days - a truly "rapid" rehousing program. Hope House is also happy to see that  73% of clients who complete the program are expected to maintain their apartments once they leave the program after one year. 

While clients are in the year-long program, they receive a subsidy to help pay their rent while they work with a case manager to help increase their income and develop essential life skills, like budgeting. Ideally, when families transition out of the program, they are in a stable place to maintain their apartments on their own.  In 2015, 99 % of clients who remained permanently housed paid all of their required rent and utility bills on time - which shows that they are on their way to independence. 

Looking ahead to its second year, Hope House expects the Safe Landing program to continue to be a success. In January 2016, 10 families will complete the program. Hope House is looking forward to taking in new clients for the program and supporting them in their paths to independence. 

Check out our blog post from December to read about Martha, a Safe Landing success story! 





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