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A Farewell from Ken Schmidt

Oct 14

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10/14/2014 1:42 PM  RssIcon

It is hard to believe that sixteen years have passed since I joined Hope House as its Executive Director. Truly, all of the great and sometimes challenging things that have happened here have left me “rich-in-stories”. This one is my favorite: 

Several years ago I spoke to a group of employees representing a major corporation who were organizing their employees for a company sponsored volunteer-day event. One of the audience members, a young woman whom I did not recognize, came forward and surprised me by asking if I remembered her. She said she knew me because she has lived at Hope House for several months and successfully completed the transitional housing program nine months prior to our discussion. Her experience here was positive and the support offered by the staff lead to a full-time job and nice apartment. After some time, I recalled her participation in our program and realized why I did not recognize her - “she looked so good” – made possible through a personal, physical, mental and spiritual transformation. 

It has been my honor and privilege to be part of this place where people are encouraged to pick up the broken pieces of their lives and then are able to move ahead with purpose, dignity and an eye to the future. 

I want to offer my very best wishes to the wonderful staff, volunteers and individuals from the community who make Hope House so special. It has been an honor to work with all of you. 

With my highest regards, 

Ken Schmidt 

 The Hope House Board of Directors has named Wendy Weckler as our interim Executive Director. The staff, board of directors and our volunteer corps are all eager to embark on this next chapter in the Hope House story. As Wendy states, “We are confident in the mission of Hope House, this agency has proven time and time again that housing programs rich with services provide positive results for Milwaukee’s homeless population.”

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