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Pot holes? No Streetlights? What can you do?

Mar 29

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3/29/2012 9:19 AM  RssIcon

Hope House provides Community Outreach services to our surrounding area, helping residents maintain a safe and healthy neighborhood. Our Community Liaison connects with neighbors through events, meetings, and regular door to door contacts. Last night, we hosted an E-Notify and E-Services training, in conjunction with District 2 Police Department and City of Milwaukee staff. Community members had the opportunity to learn how to report problems in their area (like potholes and graffiti) quickly and easily, using the City's online reporting system--E-Services. 

You can use E-Services, freshly updated online services from the City of Milwaukee, to report problems in your neighborhood or on your property. Graffiti, potholes, even interior code violations that your landlord won't fix--you can quickly and easily submit your request for service online here, or by visiting www.city.milwaukee.gov and clicking "Request Services Online" on the menu.  Anyone can use this service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You no longer need to create an account and login to report problems--you can just simply report your issue and it will be forwarded to the correct department. 

You will see a variety of choices for services you can request. You can select one at a time, provide a quick description of your problem and submit your request. If you provide your email address and name, the City of Milwaukee can contact you and update you when your problem has been attended to and resolved. You can also remain anonymous and follow the progress of your request by saving and searching for the Case ID associated with your submission. Some people choose to anonymously report issues that their landlord is not fixing--but remember, a landlord cannot retaliate against you for reporting legitimate code violations in your rental unit. 

E-Notify services lets you select the information and events in your community that you want to hear about. You can choose from myriad options, such as community meetings, snow emergencies, and license applications and have these emailed or texted right to your phone. You can get a text when a snow emergency requires you to park your car off a particular street, or you can be emailed a summary of crime reports in your area. You can sign up for E-Notify here, or by visiting www.city.milwaukee.gov and clicking "Get Notices by Email" on the menu bar. 

Stay up to date with E-Notify, and improve your neighborhood with E-Services! Have any questions? Call our Community Liaison, Jamal at (414) 389 3830 or email him at jamalg(at)hopehousemke.org


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