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Nov 29

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Education and employment are the first steps in preventing homelessness. Hope House offers low or no-cost GED preparation classes to help our residents and neighbors start successful careers. 

Unemployment and low-wage jobs can be a quick route to homelessness. Without a high school diploma or GED, it is difficult for a person to land a job that can lift them from poverty. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, a full-time minimum wage worker working full time, year round would earn $13,624 a year. This puts them almost 25% below the $18,310 poverty level for a family of three(1). Education is a crucial part of finding employment that will support a family. 

At Hope House, we offer the opportunity to rise above poverty with the power of education. Our classes are very low-cost and offer one-on-one attention within individualized coursework. Students hone their skills in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies; this provides a basic foundation for not only passing their GED test, but for furthering their education or obtaining a well-paying job. This semester, we are proud to have 26 students enrolled, one of which has already completed his GED testing! Last semester we graduated 13 individuals and we hope to have just as many, if not more this year. 

Rachel* started GED classes this semester and hopes to be a graduate by the end of the school year. Rachel dropped out of high school because she had children to care for, and is now going back at the age of 35 to pick up where she left off. Her teenage boys are incredible students with plans for college—Rachel has learned that it’s not too late for her to think about college either. With the best attendance in class and an inspiring work ethic, there is no doubt she can achieve her dreams. 

Sonia* graduated from our GED classes and went directly into MATC for a culinary arts program. She is now in her final year at MATC, with plans to study abroad before becoming a full time chef. Her two children are proud of their mother, and plan to follow in her footsteps. 

These are only two stories of the success possible at Hope House. All of our students have the potential to triumph over poverty and to make the best life possible for themselves and their families. 

*names changed for privacy


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