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By Hope House Milwaukee on 1/13/2016 12:28 PM

In January 2015, Hope House established the Safe Landing Rapid Rehousing program in response to recent research suggesting a homeless family  will have a higher chances of succeeding when connected with individual housing opportunities.  The main goal of the program is to provide  a stable foundation upon which a family can begin to rebuild a life derailed by an episode of homelessness. 

The program, which was founded with the help of funding from federal and local government sources, draws participants from our own Fresh Start program as well as other emergency homeless shelters around the city. It has been an exciting first year implementing the program, and Hope House is thrilled with the results. 

By Hope House Milwaukee on 12/22/2015 1:38 PM
This holiday season, families around Milwaukee will celebrate by coming together to eat, drink and enjoy the comforts of home. They may celebrate different holidays with different traditions, but they will share one thing: the comfort of spending time with loved ones in a safe place.

For too many families in our community, spending the holidays in their own homes with family is a luxury they will not experience this year. Poverty and homelessness can mean spending this special time of year in a shelter or on the streets. This year, however, 54 families who were once homeless will have a place to call “home for the holidays” thanks to Hope House’s Safe Landing program.

For Martha, who has lived in her new apartment since May, living on her own means independence and privacy for her and her two children. When Martha left a homeless shelter...
By Hope House Milwaukee on 11/18/2015 2:01 PM
Preparation for the holiday season is in full swing at Hope House! That means that staff and residents are getting ready for the food and fun that come with Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we could not be more excited. 

This year, staff at the Surgeon's Quarters SRO will start a new tradition by cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for our residents at that facility. Those who are staying at the SRO are looking forward to a Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings. This meal will be even more special because the ingredients have been provided almost entirely by generous donors who wanted to help sponsor the dinner. 

Hope House would like to thank board member Dan Schley ,  Marcee Doherty-Elst and another donor who wished to be made...
By Hope House Milwaukee on 10/14/2015 8:34 AM
The important work done at Hope House is supported by funding from a variety of sources, such as generous individual donors, corporate sponsors, workplace giving campaigns and philanthropic foundations. In-kind donations, such as food and hygiene supplies, also help make the day-to-day operations possible.

These sources, however, are only part of what keeps Hope House up and running. Money from the federal, state, and local levels of government also plays a key role in Hope House's continued service to Milwaukee.  

On Oct. 12, Hope House staff spent the morning in front of members of the Milwaukee County Board at a public hearing to...
By Hope House Milwaukee on 9/1/2015 3:33 PM

Last week, we got a call from a former client who happened to be in Milwaukee and wanted to stop in and say hello. We are so honored that he got in touch with us and were thrilled to hear his amazing story of triumph and hope, even in the midst of struggle. 


Keith Howard-Streicher came to Hope House almost 20 years ago with his mother and sister. Keith’s father had just been tragically shot in Chicago and the family had nowhere to go. They came to Milwaukee looking for a better life, and that life began at Hope House. Keith was just five years old when he and his family stayed at Hope House. 

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